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Allied Energy Services, LLC (AES), headquartered in Atlanta, has worked within the electric and gas utility industry for over 30 years. Beginning in 1977, our team of energy and marketing professionals has seen the energy industry evolve through many historic phases. Consequently, we have developed a great working knowledge, appreciation, respect and understanding of the energy industry, where it has been, where it is today and where it is going.

As the electric utility industry has changed and matured over past three decades. AES has also changed to address these trends and new business drivers. We have a strong intellectual platform on which to meet the changing needs of tomorrow's industry on both sides of the meter.

AES was formed as a result of the identification of significant opportunities brought about by three major events: (1) the restructuring of the electric power industry, (2) the resulting impact on its customers and shareholders, and (3) the increasing environmental concerns and regulations.

AES provides our clients with more and better options to: manage, protect, and improve the quality and reliability of their electric power, to minimize the impact of ever climbing energy and demand charges, and to help utilities and other load serving entities (LSE) solve their transmission, distribution and reliability problems.

AES's business strategy for taking advantage of and leveraging these energy and environmental opportunities is to work with these same utilities, LSEs, manufacturing facilities, governmental agencies, communities and customers to develop specific energy solutions projects that meet their unique goals, needs and economic situation.

Energy Consulting

AES works with our clients to meet their energy needs and solve their energy problems.  We provide the energy services and resources necessary for our clients to accomplish their energy and business goals.  From planning, to designing, to developing and full scale implementation, we work with our clients to get it done.  Our client base includes state governments, IOUs, electric cooperatives, municipal systems, large industrial facilities and institutions. Some specifics:

Energy Management - Based on our in-depth knowledge and experience within the energy industry, we help our clients develop and implement strategies to help manage and control their energy purchases, usage and costs.
Energy Assessment - AES has a deep understanding and appreciation of how and why energy is used in all types of structures, systems and processes.  Our team of energy experts can assess and analyze energy usage in your commercial, institutional or industrial facility and recommend solutions that optimize their use.
Energy Efficiency - Our team at AES has over 100 years of experience in energy efficiency, with experience ranging from single-family home audits to energy management and efficiency programs for major utilities and industry clients.
Demand-side - AES's distributed generation (DG), cogeneration (cogen), demand response (DR) and energy storage projects are aimed at utilities and their customers to help control and manage energy and demand and help solve transmission, distribution, reliability, environmental and costs problems.
Carbon Management - AES helps its clients meet their carbon reduction and renewable portfolio standard (RPS) goals using a multi-faceted approach. We leverage our experience with both renewable energy and energy efficiency projects to help our clients reduce and minimize their carbon footprint. AES enables its clients to not only meet their energy needs with these projects, but also uses recognized carbon markets to sell carbon offsets generated by the new generation or energy efficiency project. Furthermore, AES has developed the nationally unique and scientifically-based carbon-offset program known as "Keeping Forests" in Forests that allows clients to cost-effectively offset their or their customers' carbon footprints using the carbon sequestration capabilities of Georgia's managed forests.
Biomass – AES is working with a number of paper companies to use waste-wood to generate steam for internal use within plants and to drive steam turbine generators to power production for internal and external uses.
Solar – AES has developed a 7.7 MW PV solar project in Georgia and is working with a number of clients in response to Georgia Power’s Advanced Solar Initiative. We are also working with a number of clients to use solar power to meet corporate renewable goals and objectives and as a peak clipping strategy.


Energy Project Development

Energy Projects

AES's energy project development portfolio includes advanced coal, hydrogen-based, distributed generation, co-generation, energy storage and renewable, including photovoltaic, hydropower, and biomass projects.

  • Conventional coal projects involve its participation as the project developer, assembling and managing a team of engineers, legal and public relations professionals in order to obtain the necessary permits to construct such a facility. AES then works with the selected EPC through construction.
  • Hydrogen-based projects use innovative waste-plasma-hydrogen-fuel cell technologies that are aimed at utilities, manufacturing facilities and local communities to help them dispose of waste streams without harming the environment and produce electric power and usable water.
  • Distributed generation (DG), cogeneration (cogen), and energy storage projects are aimed at utilities, LSEs and their customers to help them control and manage their energy and demand and help solve transmission, distribution, energy costs and reliability problems.
  • Renewable projects use photovoltaic, hydropower, and biomass to help our clients meet their needs not only for generating capacity but also for renewable portfolio standards.

AES has developed and is developing numerous energy projects throughout the United States and aboard.  A few examples of the types of projects include:

Coal - AES is developing an 850 MW coal-fired power plant (in excess of $2.1 billion) in Sandersville, Georgia. 
Combined Cycle - AES has developed an 80 MW ($90 million) natural gas fired combined cycle power plant in the Bronx, NY.
Combined Heat and Power - AES is under contract to build 20-50 combined heat and power projects for inside the fence generation. The plants are approximately 450 KW each costing about $750,000. The waste heat off the engine generator is used to produce chilled water in an absorption chiller.
Gasification - AES has developed plasma projects with hazardous waste providers, which resulted in the electrical equivalent of 10 MW. The hydrogen is then sold to a Fortune 500 company specializing in pure gases.
Renewable - AES has developed hydropower generation facilities both inside and outside of the United States. We are currently developing multiple biomass projects and a photovoltaic project as well.


Power Marketing

AES has marketed and negotiated numerous Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) between power suppliers and utilities.  The following table outlines some of the PPAs that we have been instrumental in bringing to closure.

Type of Power Contract Capacity (MW) Description
Peaking 65, 83, and 115 300 to 600 hours per year
Intermediate 70 and 45 7 days/week, 16 hours/day
Baseload 106, 128, and 94 7 days/week, 24 hours/day