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Carbon Solutions

Today there is widespread talk of "going green". Climate change legislation frequently dominates the headlines. But while everyone is focusing on bills like "Waxman-Markey", many have missed the more immediate impact on business. January 1, 2010 marks the beginning of a new EPA regulation that will require facilities to monitor and report annual greenhouse gas emissions. The threshold for compliance is extremely low, and an alarming number of entities that would be forced to comply are unaware of the rule's existence.

The EPA Mandatory GHG Reporting Rule, which was finalized on September 22, 2009, requires that any facility 25,000 metric tons of CO2e is required to report annual emissions beginning with the year 2010. This is in addition to any facility in the following sectors:

There are serious financial penalties for non-compliance, but there is also serious cost involved with reporting "just to be on the safe side". Once you are in the regulation, it is very hard to get out, even if you weren't supposed to be there in the first place. Using existing expertise, Allied Energy Services is working with a leading environmental engineering firm and law firm to provide a full array of services to meet the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities presented by new EPA rules and emerging federal legislation. These services include:

  • Business Education and Strategy
  • GHG Baseline
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Carbon Management Strategy
  • Regulatory and Policy Advisement
  • Sustainable Supply Chain Services
  • Voluntary Carbon Offsets
  • Carbon Markets and Trading
  • Renewable Energy Generation
  • Public Relations and Branding

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