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Project Development

AES Energy Facility Development and Construction

Allied Energy Services' (AES) mission is to help our clients meet their future energy needs when it comes to building new generation capacity, whether it be baseload, intermediate, peaking, or renewable generation facilities. As an energy developer, we assemble and direct a team of skilled professionals in areas of load forecasting, capacity planning, site selection, land acquisition, permitting, regulatory and environmental law, community and public relations, design engineering, procurement, construction, and plant operations and maintenance. Our process includes:

Allied Energy Services Process

Allied Energy Services - Capabilities Flow Chart

Load Forecasting

  1. AES assists our clients in developing short-, medium- and long-term load forecasts.
  2. Load forecasting supports important decisions regarding purchasing and generating electric power, load switching, and infrastructure needs and development.
  3. Our accurate load forecasts enable clients to successfully plan for future operations.
Capacity Planning
  1. AES works with our clients to access and identify the resources needed to meet the expected growth in demand for electricity.
  2. Resource options include load curtailment, purchase, and build.
  3. AES supports sound decision-making by developing and validating the technical and economic criteria, including risks related to future markets and regulations.
  4. AES helps bridge the energy gap between our clients' current and future power needs.
Site Selection
  1. When a new generating resource is needed, AES identifies and evaluates site(s) that will accommodate the specific needs of the power facility, as well as any ancillary site requirements.
  2. Depending on the type of facility, AES evaluates such factors as air quality and attainment issues, transportation (road and rail) and transmission system (electric and natural gas) accessibility, water supply, endangered species, wetland, local community impacts, and number of needed acres in the selection process.
  3. AES works with the client to rank the sites from most preferred to least preferred.
Real Estate Procurement
  1. Once a site and other land needs are selected, AES acquires the land needed for the project.
  2. AES will employ various procurement strategies to ensure that the land is acquired at the lowest possible cost and public exposure.
  1. AES works with our partners and the applicable regulatory agencies to obtain necessary permitting.
  2. AES has experience with air, surface water, and ground water permits.
  3. Depending on the type of project, agencies could include the Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Corp. of Engineers, Fish and Wildlife Department, etc.
  4. AES also coordinates with local agencies and commissions regarding any local road, rail or other facility needs.
Community Relations and Education
  1. AES makes sure our client becomes a good neighbor in the community in which they are planning to move.
  2. AES has staff in the community, educating and meeting with community leaders and citizens to gain their understanding and support.
  3. AES takes pride in the fact that when educating the community on the details of the project, we ensure that the community gets firsthand experience on the topics related to the project.
  4. We conduct numerous community-wide information fairs and events in which our engineers meet local citizens to discuss the project in technical detail.
  5. AES has even chartered bus trips to show community leaders similar projects in other communities.
Legal Strategy
  1. AES includes a legal team from day one to help avoid future legal permitting challenge(s).
  2. AES assembles a team of the best environmental lawyers for litigation of the permit, if necessary.
Training and Education
  1. AES works with the local community, technical and trade schools, and labor groups (if applicable) to design a training program that will enable local citizens to be employed at the plant during and after construction.
  2. The skills taught vary, depending on the capabilities of the school and project needs.
  3. Our strategy provides clients with an educated, less expensive labor force.
  1. AES develops and implements a strategy to obtain the necessary project financing.
  2. Our experience includes multibillion-dollar financing of energy facilities.
  1. AES identifies and contracts with a partner to engineer and construct the facility based on permit specifications.
  2. AES works with the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) firm to ensure that the generation facility is built to the client's satisfaction and within budget and time constraints.
Operations and Maintenance
  1. AES identifies and contracts with a plant operator or helps the client prepare to self-manage O&M.