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Carbon and Renewable Markets Strategy

Allied Energy Services is pleased to offer its consulting services to utilities and industries that are looking for solutions to problems posed by climate change and forthcoming climate change legislation related to carbon emissions and renewable portfolio standards (RPS). forestAES helps its clients meet their carbon reduction and RPS goals using a multi-faceted approach. We leverage our experience with both renewable energy and energy efficiency projects to help our clients reduce and minimize their carbon footprint. AES enables its clients to not only meet their energy needs with these projects, but also uses recognized carbon markets to sell carbon offsets generated by the new generation or energy efficiency project. Furthermore, AES has developed nationally unique and scientifically-based carbon offset programs that allow our clients to offset their carbon in a cost-effective manner.

Some examples of services:

  • AES helps our clients define what their carbon reduction and RPS goals are. We then use a variety of strategies to meet those goals.
  • Developed a program, "Keeping Forests in Forest", that completely offsets the carbon of a new coal-fired plant being constructed by a consortium of EMCs in Georgia. The program, which provides an economic incentive to Georgia's land owners to use sound forest management practices, is the first of its kind nationwide. More information on the program can be found here.
  • As the developer for the same coal project, AES ensured that the plant was designed in such a way that it is capable of being retrofitted for future carbon capture and sequestration technology. This will give our clients the option of choosing the most cost effective option in the future between retrofitting with carbon capture technology or continuing to purchase carbon credits from the "Keeping Forests in Forest" program.grass
  • Aggressively sought out and are currently developing hydro, solar, and biomass projects for our clients in order to give them a balanced portfolio of electricity generation. During project development, AES has coordinated with outside markets such as the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) in order to maximize the renewable energy and carbon credits that these projects can generate.
  • In addition to the extensive experience of AES team members in energy efficiency projects, AES maximizes our client's ability to turn those efficiency gains into carbon offsets that can be sold on exchanges such as CCX.
  • Once AES has helped the client identify and implement their strategy, our team can effectively brand and market the client's carbon reduction and RPS plan to its customers and investors.
  • Because of our extensive experience and relationships with EPCs, renewable technology companies, forestry consultants, policymakers, large landowners, carbon traders, and utilities, Allied Energy Services can survey the situation of utilities or industries concerned about their carbon emissions, and develop a thorough and cost-effective or profitable solution quickly.