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Our Projects

AES's energy project development portfolio includes advanced coal, distributed generation, co-generation, hydrogen-based, energy storage and renewable, including photovoltaic, hydropower, and biomass projects. Some examples of our portfolio include:

Pulverized Coal

AES is developing an 850 MW advanced super-critical pulverized coal power plant (in excess of $2.1 billion) in Sandersville, Georgia.

Combined Cycle

AES has developed an 80 MW ($90 million) natural gas fired combined cycle power plant in the Bronx, NY.

Combined Heat and Power

AES is under contract to build 20-50 combined heat and power projects for inside the fence generation. The plants are approximately 450 KW each costing about $750,000. The waste heat off the engine generator is used to produce chilled water in an absorption chiller.


AES has developed plasma projects with hazardous waste providers, which resulted in the electrical equivalent of 10 MW. The hydrogen is then sold to a Fortune 500 company specializing in pure gases.

pyrogenesis Award for Plasma Gasification Project on Remote Canadian Islands


AES has developed a 7.7 MW PV solar facility in Washington County, Georgia.
AES is also developing a number of solar projects in conjunction with GPC’s Advanced Solar Initiative program.


AES has been working with a number of large paper companies in the development of biomass projects. These projects will use waste-wood to produce steam for the plant and to drive turbine generators for power production.