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2ALLIED SOLAR ENERGY (ASE), a division of AES, was created with the singular purpose of providing our clients with one-stop shopping when it comes to designing, installing and operating modern, proven photovoltaic solar systems.

ASE is built around people with proven experience in energy systems and management. 

Our team of solar professionals that can meet any solar challenge with the most current and innovative solar solutions.

We design and install systems that maximize our client’s available surface area potential while meeting their energy requirements and goals.

Our solar solutions include commercial, industrial, utility-scale, government/education and fuel replacement solutions.


ASE worked with Jacoby Development to develop a 40-acre, 7.7 megawatt photovoltaic solar project in Washington County, Georgia.

4ASE is working with a number of clients to develop medium and utility scale solar projects in response to Georgia Power’s Advanced Solar Initiative.  The medium scale projects range up to 1 MW, while utility scale projects range from 1 to 20 MW.

ASE is also working with a number of clients to analyze solar energy to meet corporate renewable energy mandates and policies; the benefits solar energy could bring as a peak clipping strategies and the use of solar panels as “solar shade” for parking lot applications.

Our Services

ASE provides a broad array of services and solutions from initial concept through final operations.

There are numerous factors taken into consideration when determining your solar power size, location and type. Based on the desired energy needs and physical restrictions, ASE will assist you to determine the optimal system that meets your unique requirements.


  • Site survey / analysis
  • Site project layout
  • Architectural and engineering services
  • Feasibility studies
  • Financial analysis
  • Incentive coordination
  • Scheduling and phasing
  • Building board documents
  • Permitting


  • Engineering, procurement & construction
  • Project Management
  • Design
  • Fabrication
  • Site work
  • Steel erection
  • Electrical
  • Inspections/testing


  • System monitoring
  • System maintenance


  • Materials and workmanship
  • Performance warranties
  • Inverters


  • Assist financing with a comprehensive range of financing options.